We understand that a traditional office may sometimes make you feel like work is taking over your life. The number of deadlines and projects that need constant attention are endless. We are acutely aware of the fact that work can be overwhelming.

Why Co-working?

A Coworking space provides services and support to members, adding value to their business. Members also have access to a community of innovators and entrepreneurs. These services offered will undoubtedly make your daily routine more pleasurable and productive. The emphasis on events, learning opportunities, networking and business collaborations support services such as accounting, recruitment support, introductions to venture capitalists. There are also antecedents to coworking communities in incubators and accelerators, which are similar in providing industry-specific support and access to venture capital funding.

As Tony Bacigalupo, co-founder of New Work City said: “The vast majority of work being done now can get done from anywhere with a signal. We don’t go to these new workplaces because we need an office; we go because we need what happens in the office.”

Source: Dr. Caroline M. Burns; Deskmag