#CirCO is proud to be one of the partners of the Launch Startup Accelerator Program Tour Event this time!

Join them in the regional accelerator program “D-NEXT” by PTT Digital x RISE

D-NEXT is initiated by the collaboration between PTT Digital, a subsidiary of PTT Group who holds the market cap of ~$40 Billion and RISE, a regional corporate accelerator in Thailand.

With the aim of fueling startups’ potential join them in the first regional accelerator program where they are inviting teams from all over South East Asia to come join our 12 – week bootcamp in Bangkok – Thailand.
D-NEXT will help you build, validate and scale your startup to the full potential. We will help you understand through a range of innovative courses and workshops what disruptive business models and ideas can be applied to different emerging markets.

Find more information via the link below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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